Lifeboat ★★★★★

A German U-Boat sinks a boat and the British and American survivors find themselves in a lifeboat. One more passenger comes along for the ride, A German who was on the U-boat before it was destroyed. The rest of the passengers on the lifeboat wonder if they should trust the German or not while they all struggle to survive the ocean waters. The cast deliver outstanding performances. In particular, Tallulah Bankhead is a standout. Hitchcock directed LIFEBOAT based on a story by John Steinbeck. LIFEBOAT is a tense little thriller and will have you spellbound from start to finish. Hitch still makes his cameo so look close. There's some terrific comedic touches to the film like a running gag with Tallulah Bankhead's character being the most prepared as she was placed in the lifeboat while the others swam aboard. Little by little throughout the film she loses possessions. Terrific and underseen, LIFEBOAT is a must for Hitchcock fans and fans of suspense.

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