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This review may contain spoilers.

honestly man, I didn’t expect this film to fall as flat as it did after the first 30ish minutes.

Tiffany Haddish in this role is so stoic and just — to put it blunt — SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN CASTED HOLY SHIT. it felt so forced from her, like I actually don’t know when the last time I was this mad at a casting was. like she was probably the main reason I didn’t like this as much as I wanted to.

the more and more I think about my complaints on the movie, the more I want to lower the score, however I will keep it at this because I actually was engaged in this film, however only because of Oscar Isaac. I didn’t even like Willem DaFoe as Major John Gordo. like whoever was the casting director or whatever did a horrible job, sincerely. don’t even get me started on the mid acting by the kid that plays Cirk.

i’m so mad at this movie because it had so much fucking potential to be great, based off of how it started. the only thing I hated more than the multitude of terrible casting decisions in this film was oscar isaac’s haircut. my dear lord it was horrible. he looked so bad in that haircut. either let his wavy / curly hair rock or you should have given him the completely freshly cut hair along with his beard being gone.

best scene was definitely the opening and when Tell was scaring Cirk into going onto the right path. 

man i’m so disappointed. the lack of focus on the film was okay because of how interesting Oscar Isaac made the film, but it honestly would have been insanely better had there been a better cast. man am I sad about this film. 

“the river can instantly turn a losing hand into a winner.”

“is there a limit to punishment?"
"the body remembers."

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