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  • Hiroshima - Ahead of Us?

  • Petite Maman

  • The 355

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  • The Matrix Resurrections

    The Matrix Resurrections


    Probably The Wild Bunch or Liberty Valance of Hollywood blockbusters.

    why use old code to mirror something new? ?? might be the first key to understanding and the first 10 or so minutes of the film gives first shock via refusal of bullet time, then it shifts, shapes and tones, then becomes something new, the last 45 or so maybe the point where it hits every note. Nuts.

  • Marakkar: Lion of the Arabian Sea

    Marakkar: Lion of the Arabian Sea

    Didn't complete the whole movie, it took 2 hrs to finish 30mins and still 150 min to go through and my eyes went off couple of times. Fun fact being everyone who saw this said first half is good and second half sucks, so idk why waste 3hrs when one csn do something else Producctkve like sleeping without wasting your laptop charge on battery. I'm entirely liable for watching this and I've had my quota for bad films this month…

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  • Dark Glasses

    Dark Glasses


  • Karnan



    Mari's use of symbolism using a lot of animals, birds, nature and whatnot was called over used by a mainstream critic even while praising the film, I rather tend to believe that this is as Brad Stevens called about Monte Hellman films as embryonically environmentalist which relates to the feminine consciousness seen in his movies - there is also animals tend to be as a mute witnesses to the neurotic animal aka humans around them, yes here also but there…