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  • Sex Is Crazy

  • Le gendarme est sans culotte

  • Le Navire Night

  • The Bitter Tea of General Yen


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  • Le gendarme est sans culotte

    Le gendarme est sans culotte

    Feuillade does French Mr Bean. Lovely.

  • Avatar: The Way of Water

    Avatar: The Way of Water


    Crazy that how much doubling and halving occurs in this, son for a son, the midsection separated by that nuts setpiece where the absolutely beautiful Payakan singlehandedly (no pun intended) wrecks the ship in the great cord tripping technique akin to Empire strikes back, poetic justice ‌ yes, but it works greatly because the heartbreakingly barbaric setpiece that precedes it akin to CCH pounder crying in that aching scene in OG where she says, if you're one of us -help…

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  • RRR



    An ingenious adaptation, revision and fantasy of its text -Ramayana and Amarchitrakathas with the anachronism accentuated by its setting to pre independent colonial India. Full mode Arri alexa filmmaking with Zeiss primes- even a Arri made HMI lamp is used ingeniously as prison searchlights on the face,Senthil stretches digital to the limits, lots of flares, lots of fantastic gestures, lots of stunning virtual camera stuff on the other side of Wachowskis and Tsui. Ingorious bastards came a lot while watching…

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    Saw this with my dad today, both of us had a wonderful time and we geeked about Cameron and 3D - him an older cinephile who saw OG Terminator in theatres, so much that the rickshaw driver joined our convo
    Not a review, some random reactions-

    1. The white saviour trope and Pocahontas in Pandora was outrightly rejected by the movie, the movie for me as usual from both modes- from an indigenous perspective and Naavi perspective. Starting from former…