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This review may contain spoilers.

like others, I thought this was tremendous, but instead of talking about the film in the macro, I wanted to bring attention to a detail emblematic of the film's masterful control of tone.

When Lady Bird sees her boyfriend kissing another dude, there's a smash cut to her and Jules staring up at the sky listening to Dave Matthews Band's "Crash." It's a hilarious moment, instrumentalizing the song for an ironic purpose, but still with a dollop of sincerity. It's her first real heartbreak. However, later in the film, the song is used again, but this time in all sincerity, a non-diegetic use over a montage of Lady Bird and Jules dancing at prom. It's a masterful choice, reminding the audience that these girls unironically like this song and in the right circumstances, can be a good song. I'm not defending the Dave Matthews Band; I'm pointing out that even the most saccharine or silly song can be used to devastating effect (cf. the song choices in Xavier Dolan's Mommy).

Shout out to the editing team for Lady Bird: the best editing I've seen in 2017 releases without a doubt.

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