The King ★★★★

I couldn't tell you the accuracy regarding its historical and Shakespearian influence, however what I can tell you is how beautiful of a film I thought this was.
I haven't found a film in a long time that has truly caught my attention. Even in moments where I thought I was going to get distracted by my phone it sucked me back in.

I absolutely adore the fact the French people actually had a French accent instead of a British one. It really helped to set the tone and make it feel real.

I can't boast enough about my love for the powerhouse that is Timotheé Chalamet. I fell in love with him in CMBYN and I have never turned back. Everything about his performance is so beautiful and raw. The emotion he conveys connect with him with the audience. You can completely tell he puts his all into every role he does. I can never get enough of him and I don't think anyone could've done this role more justice. Little Timmy Tim is making his mark on the world and I love it.

Don't even get me started on Lily-Rose Depp, in her whole two scenes she managed to stake her claim and steal the spotlight. She's a star and a queen and I can't wait to see her grow. She definitely takes after her father in the talent department and Im so excited for her to shine in her own way.

Joel Edgerton's Falstaff was lovable from the start and Robert Patterson made for a great villain. They served as the perfect Shakespearean style comic relief. 

I actually really loved everything about this movie and I would recommend you take a gander :)

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