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  • Another Round
  • Charade
  • Iron Man
  • Zodiac

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  • Friday the 13th


  • Big Momma's House 2


  • Non-Stop


  • Thee


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  • Awaara



    Citizen Kane on socialist realism steroid and few doses of daddy-issues.

  • Sangam



    Every single character in this film would greatly benefit from attending group therapy session.

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  • Vacation Friends

    Vacation Friends


    It is funny how this film is supposed to be about 2 couples, yet there are only 3 people.

  • Afterlife of the Party

    Afterlife of the Party


    The fact that this film was labelled as “comedy” but the main character is dead, kind of twisted from Netflix's part. Otherwise, this is essentially a one hour and forty minutes long episode of The Good Place.