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  • The Land

    The Land


    الأرض لو عطشانه نرويها بدمانا عهد وعلينا أمانه تصبح بالخير مليانه يا ارض الجدود يا سبب الوجود حنوفى العهود قلوبنا تهون وعمرك ما تباتى عطشانه

  • Rehearsals for Retirement

    Rehearsals for Retirement


    This man gone with Grand theft auto san andreas than we all did he kind of lived a life inside it, It's just fascinates me how he did such a beautiful simple film out of a game, that he looked further in the game looked and observed the details of this world so deeply and made a masterpiece out of it, i don't know anything about the man behind this because i just finished watching it but im really curious…