QAnon: The Search for Q

QAnon: The Search for Q ★★★

After the first two episodes, I had to take a break. It left me feeling gross and uncomfortable - the people involved, the movement, the whole thing.

Plus, when looking at the title, I guess I really just focused in on the "QANON" part and kind of missed the "The Search for Q" part. So I felt the filmmaker was being too friendly to people who deserved nothing but scorn. I guess I was hoping for an explanation of what the Qreeps believed, how they came to believe it, and what it's doing to the country. But in this doc, Q was a puzzle that needed solving - who is Q?

Turns out it's some incel 4chan coder living abroad with a rich daddy. And the doc plays out with a combination of running down leads and eliminating subjects and playing cat and mouse with the actual Q. Or, at least, Q 2.0 - the guy who stole Q away from someone else to gin up traffic to his 8chan board. But then it sort of becomes this feedback loop. Trump's goons get involved and reference it and all becomes this ridiculous, circular, traffic generating sham to try and make a fringe minority of crackpot Americans seem more powerful than they really are - culminating in the coup attempt on the Capitol on 01/06.

This doc could have been a little shorter or a lot longer. I'm not sure which.