Midsommar ★★★★½

Weirdest Ikea commercial I've ever seen...

Ari Aster likes cults, naked people, extreme gore, grief, making you feel deeply deeply uncomfortable... and I'm all for it.

This movie has all that and some. It's a disorienting horror epic that slowly builds into chaos. Loved the world building and art direction in this film. So much attention to detail and creativity that really made the world in it feel alive. The filmmaking is incredible too. There's a lot of interesting shots and long takes that you aren't used to seeing and you can tell so much thought goes into blocking every shot in this movie. It all adds up to such a beautiful film to look at.

Great score in this movie that really added to the vibe. Also, the psychedelic elements to it were some of the best depictions of being on a hallucinogen i've ever seen; they really nailed what it's like to experience a bad trip.

Shout out to Florence Pugh, never heard of her before but she killed it. Aster has this uncanny ability of getting the perfect depictions of grief out of his actors. Pugh played it so well

While I loved this movie and I think it has some of the best scenes in a film I've seen all year, there's a couple things that bothered me. I think it was a little too long. There felt like a lot of filler and if it was just sped up a little bit, I think it would have been even better. There's also a rape scene in this movie that is played for laughs and it just felt distasteful. Saying that, the film is surprisingly more funny than I thought it'd be but I think even that could have been toned down just a little. Keep the bad times coming!

This movie is about the importance of family and feeling like you belong. We all are entitled to feel loved, to not be in a toxic relationship, and we'll go through anything to feel loved. We've become closed off, and while this village is obviously insane and way too extreme, there's something alluring about being apart of something with people that feels greater than yourself.

Great movie. Don't watch it with your mom.

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