Free Guy

Free Guy ★★★★


2021 Ranked

After a whole year of seeing the trailer for this movie playing, finally saw it and it is a blast, it is a non-stop action from beginning to end. It is entertaining and enjoyable with some good moments.

The premise is solid and sure it's been done before but this is executed differently and have extra layer to it as it asks questions about AI, the actions sequences are really good and the VFX work is really really good. The performances by the cast is really good, i loved Ryan Reynolds here he is very charming and delightful and Jodie Comer is great, everyone of the cast does a solid job.

The movie itself, is charming and delightful and surprisingly very romantic, the 3rd act is a blast with tons of great moments and some cameos that took me by surprise and had the theater laughing and clapping, sure it's long but it didn't drag as i loved the world building and loved the world they created. It's a fun, enjoyable and good movie and fun watch.

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