Sleepy Hollow ★★★★½

Detective Ichabod Crane is set to the gloomy village of Sleepy Hollow to investigate the murders of three citizens. Upon his arrival he is told by the townsfolk that the three people murdered were decapitated and they believe it to be done by the legendary apparition, the Headless Horseman. Using state of the art investigation techniques there is nothing that can prepare Mr. Crane for what he is about to discover.

I am not a fan of Tim Burtons. When he and Mr. Depp get together I am even less so. I will say that Sleepy Hollow is the one he gets right. The sets a beautifully constructed and the development of gloom and mystery is expertly done. The case is fantastic at keeping it eccentric instead of overdoing it on the weird for the sake of weird as Burton so often does. There are certainly times when the movie drags...the flashbacks to Crane's mother and most the part with Christina Ricci seem overly long and could have been cut or cut down at least. I am giving this 4.5 out of 5 stars however and this is often a October movie I will throw in to lighten the scary movie marathon.