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This review may contain spoilers.

This movie caused some problems.

Okay so the first time I saw The Last Jedi I was extremely extremely excited. Which is understandable not only because I love Star Wars but because I'm a huge fan of The Force Awakens and Disney's revival. I went in for Episode 8 and I loved what I watched. If you would've asked me about it right then, I would have said only good things. In fact I wrote a glowing review right here and gave it 5 stars. Anyway, after watching it again and listening to people being violenty critical everywhere I decided to remove that first review and write a more detailed one. Enjoy. (SPOILERS)

So let's start with the flaws. First of all, Rose as a character wasn't bad necessarily only very uninteresting. I felt whatever backstory she should've been given was probably the only rushed thing in the entire movie. Secondly, the Leia scene where she used the force without any prior hints and warnings quite well to escape inevitable death. Not only that, she only got over it by literally sleeping for a couple of hours. Finally and the biggest of all flaws for me was Snoke. Unlike most people I don't mind him being killed off at all. I even liked the whole Kylo scene. My problem is that we got nothing at all about him. No measure of his power or tales of his evil supremeness. None. This annoyed the hell out of me afterwards.

Okay now to briefly point out (some) parts I liked. For one, the ligbtsaber fights were pretty cool. The throne room battle was very fun to watch. Of course, the final Luke Skywalker battle on Crait. Even though I was a bit underwhelmed by his fate at the end there I really liked the direction they took Luke's character in. He was broken and damaged and it showed in the story and in Mark Hamill's amazing performance. Also, Yoda's inclusion was very unexpected and I was so happy watching that interaction between him and Luke. Rey's (possible) parentage really annoyed some people but I thought it was very different compared to what everybody expected.

In conclusion to probably the longest review I've ever written, The Last Jedi was very very very different but I never thought for one second that it was horrible. People nowadays forgot that Star Wars is this inconsistent overacted almost-campy space opera and it's part of what makes it so charming. Everybody is becoming so critical of every little detail like how an Admiral shouldn't explain herself to a Captain or how annoying Porgs are. I mean Porgs probably made up about less than 15 minutes in total of a 150 minute movie. Seriously, I think everybody is just scared of another prequel. The Last Jedi didn't meet my expectations and I am disappointed most of all because I don't think it's rewatchable. Its tone is different and it feels out of the Saga somehow. Still, it is not a complete piece of cinematic filth, calm down.

One more thing, I feel like at its core The Last Jedi is sadly just a stepping stone and even though I am slighlty underwhelmed I am looking forward to the conclusion.

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