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  • All My Loving

  • Lunatics: A Love Story

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  • All My Loving

    All My Loving

    An interesting curio with mostly British musicians of the day rambling on half-coherently and Frank Zappa being his usual insufferable self, with the full showing of the summary execution of Nguyễn Văn Lém, which I could have done without, and at the end a strangely nonchalant blazing young man, or even boy, to create some kind of forced dichotomy.

  • Lunatics: A Love Story

    Lunatics: A Love Story

    I can imagine the early days of the world wide web being very similar to this offbeat, hallucinatory yet strangely innocent little film.

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  • Four Hours at the Capitol

    Four Hours at the Capitol

    People who think this casts the January 6th insurrectionist rioters as victims, or that this is a copaganda, are the kind of American Idiots who need everything spoon-fed to them and can't entertain having people they disagree with being seen or heard in a documentary; even the most basic awareness of editorial juxtaposition would lead them to notice that whenever an attendee of the day tries to downplay or deflect during their sit-down interviews, most times the next shot, or…

  • Over the Moon

    Over the Moon


    How Americans tell a Chinese fable: written and directed by white people; featuring the usual gaggle of Korean Americans playing Chinese characters; littered with the blandest of American songs ranging from the simple Disney knock-offs to the most offensively bad; all meaning and profundity scooped out and replaced with the shit banality of Americanised "girl accepts dad's new girlfriend and her son as family". An abomination.