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  • The King's Man
  • Crows Are White

    Crows Are White

    very self-absorbed, self-obsessed, felt like a therapy session. all of the most interesting people in this documentary become quirky side characters that the director chooses to relentlessly vent to about his marriage. at one point, he even vents to one of the most respected monks in Japan in the middle of an interview after 5 YEARS of chasing him down, and his producer tells him to stop. Ahsen is constantly, and lovingly, given wake up calls by his family and…

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  • Excision



    i’m not an easy person to gross out or scare, but the perverseness of the first act almost made me stop watching. the gore and vulgarity presented with the lighting, setting, and costume design of a disney channel show, along with some surreal neon colored dream sequences; it was all very icky and vivid. it made me want to puke, and the fact that i deeply related to pauline made it so much worse. but despite all of this, i…

  • Crash



    i did it. i finally watched it