Midsommar ★★★★½

I would have really cherished being able to watch this without the 2 people beside me narrating the entire film with insightful remarks such as “this is so weird” and “this is so gross” every 5 seconds.

anyway! I think this film should change the game for what a horror film can be; the visuals are ethereal and enchanting, with countless shots looking like a painting come to life. and the sunlight works incredibly well to make the graphic imagery feel even more brutal and blunt because there’s no attempt to cloud or distract from what’s on screen; every twisted image is pronounced with sunlit saturated color.

and I didn’t think the music could rival the piece “reborn” from the finale of hereditary but the score that plays over this finale is arresting and overwhelmingly beautiful. 
at a certain point it becomes easy to predict exactly where it’s going, but I didn’t mind because I was so invested in Dani’s journey, and the conclusion feels especially satisfying when we spend the whole film with her as the sole protagonist. 

I loved how this film tackled unhealthy, toxic relationships, and I think it has a couple astounding scenes tackling grief in the beginning and sprinkled throughout, but that thematic thread gets a little lost along the way. need to watch this one again soon hopefully without the nonstop audience commentary

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