Vox Lux ★★★★

love a good divisive, bold work that demands a rewatch! Its bizarre tone and complete reworking of the typical ‘rise to stardom’ made it such a captivating journey. And while there are several aspects I’m not sold on, such as the abruptness of the ending which felt pretty anti-climactic, and some distracting choices in the narrative structure and timeline (some characters appear to have aged 30 years while others weren’t recasted and look like they hadn’t aged at all), I appreciate how drastically this film sets itself apart from the countless other films about a musician’s rise to fame.

one of the many things that makes it so unique is what’s bubbling under the surface. I found it to be an incredibly relevant and effective examination of the media/public sensationalism of extreme acts of violence, along with the lasting effects of a traumatic event, and how it affects the victims long after the media and public have forgotten. Beneath all the chaos of Celeste and her life, she is clearly someone who is suffering, still dealing with the lasting affects of tragedy. 

ALSO this soundtrack. the music was so bizarre and painfully cringe at times, but in such a brilliant, self-aware way that I kinda freaking loved. And I think Celeste’s *star is born* moment when she sings in public for the first time was incredibly powerful and chilling, it really speaks to how music (and art in general) has this transcending power to speak and heal in the face of tragedy. And how it’s been her means of expressing herself and trying to cope with the tragedy she faced.

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