Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★★½

My Journey to Watch all the Marvel Movies: Finale

well i did it. watching this movie marks the end of my journey of going through the mcu and im fully caught up. the beginning of this movie with the memoriam of the fallen avengers just had me dying bc i would edit something like that to post on twitter. last spiderman movie my only complaint was that there was barely any zendaya so i was very satisfied that we got more this time around. right from the beginning i thought the “villain” seemed weak and im glad there was a plot twist that revealed why i felt that way. once the mysterio storyline got going it became more interesting and of course it helped that jake gyllenhaal was the one playing mysterio i truly love that man. the humor was good as always and the may/happy thing had me laughing the whole movie

end credit scene was very good and it kept me intrigued to watch the next one when its out later this year.

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