Manchester by the Sea

Manchester by the Sea ★★★★★

ok this broke me! i have always had a really hard time with death and the thought of people i know and love not being there anymore. two years ago one of my brother’s friends committed suicide and this movie definitely captured the period of grief my family and friends went through so well. the freezer scene especially affected me, as i fully relate to lee’s concern for patrick in that moment. i was fully sobbing for the last hour. it didn’t help that i don’t live that far from where the film is set so everywhere looked like places i go everyday. 

also i love how there were some more light-hearted moments mixed in as i feel like that is truer to life. it can feel wrong to enjoy yourself and not dwell on it constantly after something as bad as that happens but life truly does go on and you’re not a bad person for trying to move forward! overall very real, very good movie, i loved it

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