Burning ★★★★½

Burning is like tomatoes. I've always wondered if I could ever make it as a chef, even though there are a couple foods that I really dislike. One of them is tomatoes. How can you be a connoisseur of food is there is food you don't like? But recently I had a meal that I adored and it had tomatoes in it, and I realized that done well, maybe it is something I could respect. Burning is a movie made in a style that I usually do not enjoy. It is a slow burn. A reeeeeally slow burn. I'd argue the premise doesn't really come into focus until about 1 hour and 45 minutes into its 2 and a half hour run time. It meanders for the most part and is largely plot less, which normally I do not enjoy. But the central relationship in this movie, between Jong su and Hae mi, is one I know extremely well and had me absolutely hooked. It was like I was watching myself on screen. I never questioned what Jong su was feeling because I knew. I'd felt it before. I'd lived those moments. All the performances are great. This movie looks BEAUTIFUL. Stunningly shot, great use of light and fire. This feels like the Korean version of Blue Valentine. I loved this movie, anyone who has the patience to stick with a meandering 2.5 hour movie will most certainly fall in love with it.

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