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This review may contain spoilers.

Unique on a level that many filmmakers won't even attempt. With such creative forces as Leos Carax, and Sparks how could it not be? Pulling elements from stage plays, musicals, while combining them with techniques from every era of film; making something completely new in the process.

I've heard some people complain about the musical sequences in this film, saying that they don't really serve a purpose to the narrative or have very much lyrical depth. However, I find they are not meant to be traditional musical numbers. Instead of having the songs enhance the world they live in, the songs are the world they live in. With them being integral to these characters worlds and emotions, while also being incredibly enjoyable to listen to on there own.

The on look this film has on love is one of the most tragic and beautiful I think I've ever seen. With Henry being incapable of loving someone after Ann gets pregnant. With him even questioning his own love for her. Once she passes on he is now left with his child, but instead gifting her with love, he exploits her as an object. By the end of the film where she turns into a real girl, Henry asks "why can't I love you?". The answer is due to how he treated her in the past. Even though he seems to have aged and has now grown love for her, the love cannot be reciprocated. Leaving him with no one he can love. What will only stay with him is the haunting soul of his wife, and the formally lifeless wooden doll of his daughter.

More films should have guts to be as out there as this.

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