• Cobain: Montage of Heck

    Cobain: Montage of Heck


    Contains a questionable lack of any interview footage of Dave Grohl and lack of coverage of Kobains unfortunate suicide, but what is here is still a Beautiful portrait of Kurt.

    Brett Morgen utilizes interviews, archive footage, and Cobains art and personal writing to not deify another rock star figure, instead using it to have a further understanding of Kurt and their wavering mindset throughout their life. It paints a darkness being present within them ever since their parents got divorced.…

  • Hail, Sarajevo

    Hail, Sarajevo


    The culture built around people tears down the basis of human live. Exceptions are found in art, for a degraded culture to be saved there must be art. One of Godards grandest statements. All communicated in just two minutes.

  • Meetin' WA

    Meetin' WA


    The look Woody Allen gives after Godard goes from speaking fluent english to using his interpreter to speak to him is one of the most priceless things I've ever seen.

  • Splatter: Naked Blood

    Splatter: Naked Blood


    One person’s pleasure is another person’s pain. The simple pleasure of partaking in a meal is a joyous experience for one, while for another it makes them sick to their stomach. Goods and services follow the same metric. Animals are brought up in suboptimal conditions just for their existence to amount to being a tasty morsel one will consume with glee. One can’t exist without the other in place. Pleasure is seen as an absolute good, but there can exist…

  • Bones and All

    Bones and All


    Two choices can be made. Live free, find the person who shares the same animalistic desires as you, yearn to be apart of them even in death; or live empty, starving for that connection which seems impossible, taking parts of them without them being offered. It’s up to you what choice you make.

  • Beforel Orel: Trust

    Beforel Orel: Trust


    Adult animation tends to lean more towards crude jokes with simplistic commentary, moving from topic to topic rather than have an overarching view of it. Shows like Family Guy and South Park are prevalent examples of this format being in use. In the case of Moral Orel, the show starts in a similar vein to this with the first few episodes. However, when we get to the season 1 finally we see that this show is more than just a…

  • Irreversible




    When it comes to this version of Irreversible I find the thesis to be less poignant with how it’s presented here than how it is in the regular cut. With the regular you see the outcome of what these men eventually end up stooping to first, so when it goes back you are able to see how this violent nature is ingrained and expressed a lot more subtle ways. The straight cut still offers this but it becomes…

  • Irreversible



    Man is hopeless.

    The nature of man kind is based on the want to conquer and destroy one another. Suppression is the best that can be done to counteract this deep rooted part of themselves. Even when it’s buried it will find ways to come out in increments. Domination through sex only to stop before letting the woman have sexual release, cheating and making excuses for it, degrading other men just to make themselves look better to their girl, insinuating…

  • The Wrestler

    The Wrestler


    The Whale is the lack of self care in the face of self hatred. 

    The Wrestler is the lack of self care in the face of ones own pride.



    While on the plane ride back to LA I was looking out the window seeing everything I was passing by and felt this intense longing. Everything looked small despite being able to tower over me, it looked as if we were barely moving at all even though the plane was going faster than any motive of transport on the ground. I looked at the detail in everything and found beauty in what I was seeing, shrouded in darkness and hard…

  • Voices Through Time

    Voices Through Time


    Tears have been running down my face all day. I hope I don't waste my life.

  • Max and Their They-by: Raising My Baby Gender-Neutral

    Max and Their They-by: Raising My Baby Gender-Neutral


    The first film they've made thus far that didn’t leave me disgusted or viscerally disappointed. With everything else I've seen operating more like a PSA from the 1950s, but instead of little American Johnny learning how to be a good little middle class, suburban, Joseph McCarthy loving man, it's about how queer culture needs to be accepted by those middle class, suburban, Joseph McCarthy loving people. What i'm saying with this is these shorts don't really advance anything about the…