Art house and horror

Kubrick, Bergman, and Tarantino are some of my favorite directors.

Favorite films

  • American Psycho
  • Zombie Flesh Eaters
  • Taxi Driver
  • A Clockwork Orange

Recent activity

  • Yes, Madam!


  • College


  • Steamboat Bill, Jr.


  • Cross of Iron


Recent reviews

  • Cross of Iron

    Cross of Iron


    The story of men dragged into war not for their politics, but for survival. Bold movie to make

  • Straw Dogs

    Straw Dogs


    More of a slow burn Peckinpah but never the less a great one

Popular reviews

  • Halloween Ends

    Halloween Ends



    Still better than Resurrection

  • Poltergeist




    An 80's movie and "A Tobe Hooper film"

    I remember watching this once as a child but haven't revisted it since, so I decided for my first Hooptober to revist this classic. Very great film with more of Spielberg style than a Tobe Hooper style with the ideal 80's home full of TVs and Star Wars toys. The effects are hit or miss, with some being obvious dummies and cheesy cgi while others look realistic and badass.

    Overall a fun watch worth checking out for the spooky season