Friday the 13th Part III

Friday the 13th Part III ★★★½

"Join Jason in the woods...if you dare!"

Friday 3 will always hold a special place in my heart, being the first Friday the 13th film I ever saw. My super cheap father would not pony up for a VCR, (To be fair, they were still expensive at the time.) so I had to rely on something coming on broadcast television. ( cheap for cable.)
So, one fine Saturday afternoon Friday the 13th part 3 comes on, and I was in heaven.
Other Friday movies seem to get more attention than this third entry into the franchise does, (The film is a fan favorite though.) Its a solid slasher movie, in some ways better than the previous two films.
The budget is certainly higher, the scale and scope seems bigger, the camera work is light years ahead. (That crane tracking shot at the start!)
The sequence at the beginning at that weird store is my favorite of the series. Let's not forget Jason's barn of doom.
That biker gang, Shelley. The content in the movie is great, the main problem is the 3d detracts from the movie.
I can imagine that seeing it in the theater was amazing, no doubt.
But having to only watch this in 2d alot of those sticking things straight into the camera looks corny, and takes you out of the movie.
Steve Minor returns from part 2 to direct, and
its written by Martin Kitrosser, who would go on to write parts 4 and 5.
What really spereates 3 from 1 and 2, is you see Jason stalking around from the get go, and you full on see him sooner and more often. Also, Jason does more "feats of superhuman strength". (A staple of later Friday films. )
Friday the 13th Part 3 has its place in horror history not only for being the first film to have the iconic hockey mask, but because it's a good slasher movie on its own accord.

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