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  • Shivers



    noticing a lot of vehicle stunts in Cronenberg's pre-Videodrome work (and I haven't even seen Fast Company yet) that while underscoring his early efforts toward commercial viability, also suggest Renoir's adage about directors making only one film over and over is especially true here. His sexual anxiety, perverse frustration (and fascination) with modernity, and his absent, repressed heroes are all here. A drive-in filmmaker who goes on to make Crash has learnt to trust in his own pleasures.

  • Knife in the Head

    Knife in the Head


    Bruno Ganz relearning to speak and he says all cops are bastards.

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  • The Wild

    The Wild

    Madagascarred for Life.

  • The Irishman

    The Irishman

    arranging a time and place between friends can be murder.