Halloween ★★★

If we don't get a sequel down the road with Jibrail Nantambu going after Michael for killing his babysitter, I give up on Hollywood.

Perfectly efficient, middle of the road Halloween entry is pretty much a redo of H20 with more mythic aspirations. Some potent Michael moments (a great extended tracking shot in particular), a fun but too short babysitting detour in the middle, and a committed performance by Curtis manage to justify this one's existence and help it over some significant speed bumps. Chief among these is a very dumb plot development ("twist" is giving it too much credit since it doesn't make sense and has no major narrative impact) that was obviously thrown in just to get a major character from one point to another and stranded in just the right spot. A few inspired moments in the new score are also welcome, including a truly chilling bit during a neighborhood pursuit, and it's still amazing to see how much gore slasher films can get away with now that would've easily gotten an X rating back in the original heyday.

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