Beyond the Door

Beyond the Door ★★½

Film #30 of Shocktober17

The Barrett's are a typical American family. Ken Barrett, their young son, has an obsession with pea soup that's gone a little out of control, which includes him drinking it through a straw and having a poster of pea soup on his wall. Gail Barrett, their slightly older daughter, carries around twenty copies of the same book and calls her father an asshole/son of a bitch. Robert Barrett, the patriarch, is followed by men playing instruments using their noses and has a strange interest in fish and how they reproduce. Most conventional of all is their matriarch, Jessica Barret, who is not only carrying a baby seeded by the devil, but she keeps puking blood and green liquids all the time.

Despite how insane it all sounds, the movie itself feels overlong and not as fun as you would hope. The possession brings nothing new to the table and leaves behind my favorite part of exorcist rip-offs which is the foul-mouthed demons (she NEVER asks anyone to fuck her, I want my money back), but it's... pretty disgusting anyways. Jessica looks grimy and awful, and every time you see her she's spitting something putrid out of her mouth.

There's way too many scenes of men talking to each other for this to be the absolute blast it should be, and they underused the hell out of those weird fucking children who are scarier than any possessed upper class housewife could dream of being.

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