Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★½

I went on a Michelle Yeoh marathon this weekend, so I thought I should finally watch this despite my reservations. And honestly the first hour (or so) is pretty good until we get dildo fighting and hotdog fingers. Unfortunately it continues into that nonsense crap for the rest of the movie. The fight choreography when it’s truly Michelle Yeoh doing her thing, rules. She fucking rules. Everything else is so goddam lame. Any adult who likes Rick and Morty should be crucified. It’s weird so everyone told me to watch this, but it’s weird in such a stupid, inauthentic way that makes the rest of the movie suck. I knew before I watched I wouldn’t like it but I held out hope. Sad for Michelle, who is my queen. None of this feels emotional or touching like it should despite how forcefully it tries to make you feel. Lame movie.

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