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  • Paul Schrader: Man in a Room

    Paul Schrader: Man in a Room

    Paul Schrader has an amazing book collection that appears to be almost exclusively hardcovers. I'm half jealous of his adequate shelving to house these books, but I'd personally be unlikely to ever get rid of my paperbacks.

  • Unguided Tour

    Unguided Tour

    "After speaking for most of the occasion they were together, Duras suddenly quieted and seemed to notice Sontag qua Sontag, and not just any old audience to her tirade. “Susan! My goodness. I have only talked and talked, and I haven’t let you speak a word! Please, tell me everything.” At this, Susan—or can we even say “poor Susan”—beamed like a child who was finally getting the attention she’d sought. Duras continued, “I want every detail! What did you think…

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  • Dying of the Light

    Dying of the Light

    I don't which dingus keeps removing this film from Letterboxd and having all the reviews transferred over to "Dying of the Light"... but you should stop doing that.

    Pasting my review below, because this is the actual film I was trying to review... Not "Dying of the Light".

    - - -

    Clearly an improvement on 2014's Dying of the Light, but also wholly dependent upon it if one is to grasp towards the bigger picture of "what could have been?"…

  • Munich


    I make no claims of expertise on the Israel/Palestine “conflict”, particularly when it comes to the historical nuances. But I used to live in the West Bank, so I’ve seen the occupation and systemic victimization of the Palestinians up close. This means I’m not neutral. I’m not objective. I do believe there’s a clear victim and a clear victimizer in this situation.
    So, these visceral emotions have kept me from watching this movie for quite some time. It wasn’t helped…