Happy Gilmore

Happy Gilmore ★★

I don’t know why I persist with watching this as it’s clearly a cursed item. I first saw it when I was seven. Very next day my family home was robbed, including the DVD player which still had the disc in it. Flash forward to when I was twelve, my friend & I had this on in the background while replicating wrestling moves. He ended up breaking his shoulder. And now, twenty six, having spent so long on the phone with Telstra’s support services that I managed to finish the entire damn film.

All of that and it’s not even that good? Happy Gilmore is this working class wrecking ball demolishing the elitism of the golfing circuit, but the humour peaks at the sight of a hockey jersey drawing the admiration of the blazer crowd. It’s the sort of visual comedy you’d expect from Tati after smashing a slab of piss weak American beer.

Sandler has definitely done far worse, but at least those haven’t brought me as much misfortune.

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