Black Christmas

Black Christmas ★★★★½

Christmas Challenge 2020/#15:

Holy Shit, what's "Halloween" for, yeah, Halloween is "Black Christmas" for Christmas!
I wasn't suprised if John Carpenter got inspired by this Piece of Slasher Perfection!

This Film is absolutelly stunning, starts slow and gets tighter from Minute to Minute till the absolute Masterfull Final Shot, I didn't expect such a thrilling Experience!
Full of likeable Characters like Big Mama with the Alcohol Problem or the funny Cops!

I've rarely seen such an Edge of your Seat Telephone Thriller, maybe "Dial M for Murder" would be another Candidate.
The Kills are so well done, like one Girl, gets knifed while a Child-Chor sang a Song outside, OMG, so good!

Yeah, defenitely another Candidate for yearly Rewatch on Christmas!
THE Slasher for the silent Holiday Season and please do yourself a Favour and don't do any Research before watching!

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