Cast Away

Cast Away ★★★★½

Christmas-Challenge 2020/#3:

„And what is your Point? Well... we might just make it. Did that Thought ever cross your Brain? Well regardless, I would rather take my Chance out there on the Ocean than to stay here and die on this Shithole-Island spending the Rest of my Life talking to a goddamn Volleyball!!“

Come on, the Beginning is at Christmas, that's Reason enough for me to watch T.Hanks Survival Show again!
Zemeckis is really the only Man, who makes me Crie about a Relationship between a Man and his Ball!

I watched it the 4th Time now and it keeps chilling me down as Hell.
Hanks is the Man and knows how to entertain me, even without talking for a long Time during the Film, that's Part of the Charm.

Definition of a One-Man-One-Ball-Show, love this Film!

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