EuroTrip ★★★

🎶 Scotty doesn't know! Scotty doesn't know! 🎶

I only watched it, because Michelle Trachtenberg, Buffys lil Sis Dawny is in it and Man, I had so much fucking Fun with this 2000 Comedy!

Scott wants to Berlin, cause there's a super hot Chick he wants to bang.
So he's doin a Trip with his Friends straight through Europe and makin Party on their Way.
Escalating in a London Pub, nearly get raped at a FKK Beach, being Kings in Bratislava and exploring Hell in Amsterdam!

The Humor is exactly my Type, Sex Jokes on Mass with much Boobs and 2000 Cringe behind every Corner, laugehd so much during this, Omg!

The Songs were so awesome with the absolute Highlight: Matt Damon as a Blink-182 kind of Singer, AAAAAAAAH, wandering directly in my Playlist!!

Pure Fun with a great Final in Rome, loved it!

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