Eyes Without a Face

Eyes Without a Face ★★★★½

Oh Man, this Film is such an instant Classic to me!

This Frankenstein-Type Story, with a Father, who thinks he knows better what's the best for his tortured Girl grips me so hard, I can't tell!
I mean, the Prof and his Assistent are so freaking Ice-Cold, I can't believe it!

It's very Slow Paced at some Parts but always filmed in such a perfect Way, I could stare at this Film for Hours, my Definition of pure Beauty!
And than theres the stunning Operation, even for the 60's, this hit me pretty hard without any Warning!
The Ending Shot is so damn perfect, could watch it over and over again!

If I could hang a Movie on my Wall, "Eyes without a Face" would be a hot Candidate!
Really strong French Horror Classic with one Hell of a Message and Visuals to die for, L-O-V-E this Movie!

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