Hugo ★★★½

„My Life has taught me one Lesson, Hugo Cabret, and not the One I thought it would. Happy Endings only happen in the Movies.“

A very enjoyable Picture about the wonderful Magic of the Movies.
The Visuals blew me away, it's like Scorceses own, little Film-Wonderland!
Felt a little like Martins Version of "Cinema Paradiso".

There are two Parts of the Film, the Storyline about George Méliès, who created "A Trip to the Moon" and hundreds of other, fantastic Films is the real big Deal in here!
Porn for every Cineast and it's told in such a simple and symphatic Way, that really everybody can fall in Love with the Movies!
The other Part is about Hugo and I need to say, that one didn't got me completely.
The Story took to much Time for such a simple Character, there were some very draggy Moments during the Film.

The other Characters were alright, but none of them was very interesting to me. Unique Style and well played but that's it, can't say much more.

But overall, it stays a Film with much Heart and the Message is just unbeatable.
Thank you Marty for being such a big Lover of the Cinema, Méliès would be proud!

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