Klaus ★★★★½

Christmas-Challenge 2020/#6:

I'm speechless, there were some Expectations, but those were complete exceeded!
What a wonderful and heartwarming Movie about Christmas, they gave the most popular Feast so much more Ideas to think about!

Animation was On-Top, a pleasure for the Eyes and all the other Senses.
Humor was excelent, Characters unbelievable likeable and the Score... argh, Tears!

Ok, you could complain about the well known Type of Storytelling, but if it's done in an excelent Way, who gives a Fuck?
In the Case of "Klaus" I would say, Never stop a Running System or something like that xD.

But what I loved most about it, is the Type of Humor. It's for Young and Old, theres nothing, a Grown-Up would be bored of or traumatize a Kid for the Rest of it's Life!
Some Stuff at the Beginning was maybe a little rough, but Children are not out of Glass, they need something like that sometimes, forms the Character!

The best Movie about Santa Klaus I personally know.
It's heartwarming af and represents everything, Christmas is all about!
Not just for Family's, some Grinch would like it too, I'm sure!

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