Number, Please?

Number, Please? ★★★★

"I'll telephone! That overgrown Kewpie can't get ahead of me!"

This is a VERY Special Harold-Episode, cause it's all about him, having strong Heart-Pain on his search for the "One Girl", leading into a Sad-End instead the usual happy Final-Catch!

It starts off with some funny Carnival-Stuff including Rollercoaster-Ride, strange Mirror-Shots and Harold, accidently torturing a little Puppy by tieing it up on a full-speed Carousel!
Than he needs to ask his Mum for Permission, to join a hot Chick on a Zeppelin-Cruise!

But that isn't THAT easy, if EVERY single Person on Planet Earth needs to use the Phone-Booth right now and other Problems like spontaneous Baby-Sitting and incompetent Call-Girls hitting the Spot!

After that, he needs to deal with the stolen Purse of his Love-Interest and he JUST CAN'T get rid of that stupid Thing!
Random Dogs, failing Back-stealing and misleading Home-Runs are just a few, sad Examples...

Unbelievable funny and my Sympathy-Level was SO on the Edge for Harold here!

"Keep an Eye on that Bird - if he isn't crazy he's got a running Start."

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