Shin Godzilla

Shin Godzilla ★★★★

All Hail the fucking King!

One of the most interesting Godzilla Movies I personally know.
It's not about the Giant Kaiju Bashing Stuff, it's about Japan and how they can solve such a massive and destroying Problem.

Sure, it's veeeeery much political Talking and Problem Solving but that's a veeeeery interesting approach.
It drags here and there and the Fact, that "Shin Godzilla" is a 2 Hour Epic makes this to a pretty hard Watch.

But when theres Godzilla Action, holy Fuck than it's nearly the greatest of all Time.
Theres also this Neon Genesis Evangelion Touch and that's really compatible with the Story of our Giant Dinosaur.

My Opinion:
Interesting, Important, Impressive but very tough to watch.
Not every G Fan will like it, but it's a Mustsee vor everybody!

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