Spring Breakers

Spring Breakers ★★½

„Ho Ho Ho. Merry Spring-Motherfucking-Break.“

So, I don't hate or like it, it's something in between, but I'm defenitely no big Fan of "Spring Breakers".
Feels like a 90 Minutes Music-Video with one Advertisment after another and some Porn Vibes.
Also, I had constantly this "Oh, look how deep we are!" Feeling, that was kinda annoying because I really found nothing deep in it!

Good, I'm no big Dupstep Fan but that doesn't matter, it's Springbreak, I wanna see shaking Asses and young Boobs with sick Beats in the Backround, that's what I'm here for!

The Girls were kinda annoying to me, all the same Character instead of Selena Gomez, who's completely uninteresting anyway. Hot, that's all.
James Franco was funny, the Charac was a Dushbag from the worst Kind, but he had Fun playing him and that's important to me.

The whole Gangster Storyline in the Second Half... omg, rarely saw something that poor in my Life, Wow, go away!

Won't watch it again, I'm honestly a little disapointed, thought, this would be 100% my Style and yeah... 20%, maybe.

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