The A-Team

The A-Team ★★

More like "The B-Team" or "The Another-Letter-Team"!

"The A-Team" was never my Place to be, saw 2-3 Episodes from the 80's Show but it felt completely the same, like watching the same Thing 3 Times!
Charming Yes, but not exactly my Style.
No Problemo, my Buddie is a Fan Numero Uno and said, it doesn't fucking Matter!

Yeah, it's a dumb and complete Over the Top Action-Flick without something Remarkable, Playstation 2 Cut-Scene CGI and a missing Script.

Cast was kinda Golden, everbodys motivated for a complete Overact, with smart Bradley, Low-Action Liam Neeson, the "Conjuring" Spooker as flat Badguy and some other Part-Time Models.

Best Action Scene: Falling Tank Parachuting!

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