The Christmas Chronicles

The Christmas Chronicles ★★★

Christmas-Challenge 2020/#2:

I watched it for the Man on the Cover and it's all about the Man on the Cover!
Kurt Russel is a brilliant Choice for Santa, every Scene with him is worth a Laugh or a Yeah!
He had so much Fun playing the Role and watching him during a Police-Car-Chase, Rocking Prison or just being Awesome is a Please for all Senses.

The Rest... is ok.
The Kids and the Story are alright, the usual Plan of Storytelling with the Emotional Ups and Downs as always, but done in a symphatic Way.
Could be a little shorter, in my Opinion.

But the Worst Thing about this were the Elves, holy Maria... Hell, really HELL!
Minions in worse, didn't thought this could be possible, but it is!
Oh Boy, please let me forget this fast, worst Slapstick in Decades and I don't wanna talk about the CGI...

Fun Christmas Flick with a fantastic Kurt, he's the Reason to watch it!

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