The Man Who Laughs

The Man Who Laughs ★★★★½

„What a lucky Clown you are, you don't have to rub off your Laugh.“

A very Melo-Dramatic Piece of Film History.
The Story about the poor Gwynplaine, who gets a permanent, scary Laugh in his Face and have to live a Life, where everybodys laughing at him is undescribable sad!
He's such a nice Guy, who just wants to find real Love, but thats complicated, if you have such a horrifying Rape-Face all the Time!

A Piece of Horror-History with unbeatable Make-Up and Settings, with the Focus at the Drama.

It's a Silent-Film and with a 2 Hour Running-Time, this is a though Watch, couldn't focus all the Time, because the Story is pretty simple.
But there are so much Iconic Scenes in it, like the Speech in Front of the Queen or the Show, the People did for the blind Dea!

Maybe no Mustsee, you really need to be interested in this kind of Film and Horror-History, but if you give it a Chance, it will catch you!
And the Original DC Badguy Joker was inspired by this Film, an interesting Fact for Comic-Fans!

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