The Witches

The Witches ★★★★

Witche as mean Bitches!

I wouldn't consider this directly as a Movie for Kids, but I guess, if the Kid isn't just 5 Years old and his Parents are around, it's a pretty good Shot for a Family Flick.

Of course "The Witches" is a little tougher, the Practical Effects are gorgeous (for me), but Anjelica Huston as the terrifying Leading W/Bitch or the Bruno-Mouse Transformation can hunt you in your Dreams, if you're a tiny bit sensitive!
The Humor is partly Black as the Night, so Grown-Ups just can't be bored, no Way!

I loved the Teasing at the Beginning with the Witch-Translation and the Painting, Holy Shit, take that "Blair Witch Project"!
The Mouse Adventure in the second Half was pretty well made too, great use of Puppets, in my Opinion.
Last Time I had so much Fun with a Mouse in the Kitchen was "Ratatouille"!

The Ending was perfect, gave me the Smile at the End that I wanted!
Great, light Claasic!

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