Tokyo Godfathers

Tokyo Godfathers ★★★★★

Christmas-Challenge 2020/#9:

If you're searching for the pure Happiness and the real Spirit of Christmas, this is the Movie for you!

The Characters and their Group-Chemistry is so damn perfect and unique, you just have to Love them, there's no other Way!
The Animations are wonderful, Satoshi Kon has his complete own Style of Animation, there's no Picture they're using twice, that makes the whole Film so Human!

The Story about three Homeless Losers, trying to save a Baby's Life is so beautiful and Heartbraking, I can't tell.
Humor and Drama are in perfect ballance, sometimes I was laughing with Tears in my Eyes... and I couldn't stop!
The Pacing is extreme high with little Slow-Downs at the exact right Moment, so show the Word "Boring" the Finger!

Unique, Unique, Unique!
A breathtaking Christmas-Anime, who represents the Wonder of Christmas in a genius Way, I can't stop smiling!

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