Welcome Danger

Welcome Danger ★★★

„Newbury? Well I've heard of Raspberry and Strawberry, but this is a new Berry on me.“

Harolds first Talky and once again, I'm not a big Fan of this.
"Welcome Danger" was a Silent-Movie first but then they decided to make some new Shots and turn it into a Sound-Film.
I've noticed this Fact many Times in the negative Way, this Film would work much better as a Silent-Comedy and with a 1 Hour less Rumtime...

The Plot is really nothing Special or even interesting but Harold is everytime so motivated, that's always a Plus-Point.
Overall not bad, liked the Comedy Parts but really nothing Special.

Like I said, looking forward for more pure Silent-Stuff but I guess, this one was the last Talky in my Box.

P.S. Harold really liked the Chinese-Culture ha?

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