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  • Death Valley

    Death Valley


    Director Dick Richards serves up what feels a lot like Wes Craven's The Hills Have Eyes, made-for-television movie style. Divorced, bespectacled, spaz dad Paul(Edward Herrmann) sends his bespectacled spaz son Billy (Peter "Messy Marvin" Billingsley) off on vacation to Death Valley with his ex-wife Sally (Catherine Hicks) and her high school sweetheart, Mike (Paul Le Mat). When he isn't playing third wheel on the reunited lovers with his annoying hand held electronic Simon game, Ralphie...err, Billy wanders into a seemingly…

  • Arcane Sorcerer

    Arcane Sorcerer


    From the man who brought you The House of the Laughing Windows comes this stylish, beautifully puzzling tale of faith, the mystery of the dark arts, and the swirling enigma of death. A young seminary student (Stefano Dionisi) who has impregnated and pressured a young girl into a subsequent abortion is forced to flee the Papal state, after forming a blood pact with a peculiar woman in the shadows. He soon takes up residence as a secretary for a defrocked…

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  • Full Moon Scimitar

    Full Moon Scimitar


    Ding Peng (Derek Yee) is a hot young swordsman rising to the top of the pugilism ranks when he gets his father's sword manual stolen and is subsequently humbled when his famous "Shooting Star" sword stroke is bested by the unscrupulous scumbag, Liu Ruo Song (Wang Yung), who produces the stolen manual afterwards, claiming Ding's own father stole it from him! Overcome with depression at the notion he's finally been beaten and humiliated, Ding is about to take his own…

  • The Void

    The Void


    Original and satisfying low budget Canadian 80's style Lovecraftian Hell-vision full of effective practical splatter, horrific imagery, and grue-shrouded doom exactly the way genre fanatics gotta have it. Hooded cultists, weird sacrificial rites, otherworldly tentacled beings, inhuman mutations, mystical triangles... this one really has it all. The more times you view it, the more you'll like about it, and make no mistake, repeat viewings are absolutely recommended here. Hardcore modern horror at it's finest.