Annabelle ★★

Wait, what do you mean this movie was not inspired by Rosemary's Baby? An empty-looking apartment? check. A pregnant woman named Mia? check. A satanic cult? check. A baby stroller? check.

I kinda expected more from this movie, since many of my friends had said it was pretty good. So I went to see it with two of my friends and chose the latest screening (9.40 pm). However, what I felt when the credits rolled was: "That's all?"

The movie relies too much on jump scares and overly-loud scores. While I had this moment of genuine chill involving the devil in the basement, the movie doesn't really have much to offer. Even the presence of Annabelle the doll, which is supposed to be the main attraction, feels forced. She just sits there grinning and stuff.

Bottom line: this movie could've been better and scarier.