Free Guy

Free Guy ★★★½

Second of the evening with the boy and this is a bit more like it. 

Ryan plays an NPC in an online computer game but thinks he is real. Jodie Comer is the real person gamer who reveals he is in the matrix and fun ensues.

After about two minutes my initial thought was this is basically “The Lego Movie” with a vibe of the “The Truman Show” and it really is. The storyline is fairly basic and performances all round are fine; Ryan pretty much does Ryan and Taika Waitiki just runs with it all the way up to eleven.

My boy got very excited when the YouTubers popped up and I had a little smile when some of the other cameos and small parts came on. The same can be said for a few geektastic moments that make use of Disney’s franchise takeovers and again a Fortnite one had my boy leaping off the sofa with excitement.

It’s not going to win any awards for originality  but it was an extremely enjoyable and plain old fun film. It did still manage to shoehorn in a few current hot topics. Obviously it might have more mileage with gamers but I don’t think the overall premise is so gamer heavy that it would alienate anyone. The story itself is fairly standard and again promotes a healthy and positive message.

It was a fine choice for a chilled Friday night movies and pizza evening.

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