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  • Gate of Flesh

    Gate of Flesh


    the visuals have NO business being this good!!!

  • Carrie



    i know she’s a horrible human but like. does norma know i’m gay for her...

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  • Fungus The Bogey Man

    Fungus The Bogey Man


    in year five my teacher used to put this film on literally every day. like, EVERY day. finished a lesson early? fungus the bogeyman time. rain outside? fungus the bogeyman time. end of term “treat”? FUNGUS! THE! BOGEYMAN! TIME! anyway one time upon like. viewing number five hundred and sixty three i snapped and whispered at the back of the class  “fuckus the buggerman” and this kid heard and said he was going to tell me off and i cried…

  • Ringu



    a slow burner and not in a good way