Buffalo '66

Buffalo '66 ★★★★½

An Ethereal experience, that is gripping, sad, realistic, and raw while also being a fascinating and bleak portrait of a fractured character who has pretty much nothing going for him. I adore the way the movie is shot it’s able to be extremely hypnotic and mesmerizing and is able to really elevate everything happening on screen, everything is extremely well framed and shot, the way it plays with different perspectives is so creative and inventive, I loved so many of the aerial shots, and how still the camera remained, but the energy of the characters and what’s happening could still be felt and just really blends well with the visuals on screen, the way it also plays with the aspect ratio and how it presents memories really helps us understand the mind state of billy and why he is so frustrated, it sorta feels like a nightmarish daydream at times, you really get lost in it, everything is just composed brilliantly.

I love how Billy starts off as someone who we don’t even trust, he’s probably the biggest most selfish asshole ever put to film, expecting everything to be done his way, kidnapping a random chick he finds and forcing her to be his wife, to help him impress his parents, he’s a liar, erratic, and blames everyone for everything wrong with his life, but for some reason once we get to his parents house we get to really see different shades and sides to him, his parents neglectful and careless only caring about themselves, and a football team, I love how Layla even begins to pity him and actually begins to help him out, even when she try’s the parents aren’t impressed, and don’t give the slightest reaction. I adore the Dinner table scene not only due to how it plays with its perspectives, but mostly due to how it really shines a light on his relationship with his parents, we get to know everything, the acting and even the humour is really funny while also really sad.

The balance between the humour and the layered and deep storytelling, aswell as the relationship between the two characters gives off such a warm and tender feeling, while also being extremely dark and depressing  depending on the way you look at it.
Both Gallo and Ricci are fantastic and perfectly portray their characters in such raw and realistic ways, Gallo is able to be unpredictable, and angry, while also very vulnerable, Ricci on the other hand is mesmerizing everytime she is on screen, her presence and her dynamic with Gallo is definitely one of the highlights. I love how their relationship really blossoms and develops she could’ve left anytime, but she clearly sees how he is spiralling out of control, and taking a trip through his past and memories, she begins to actually care for him, which I found to be pretty wholesome and also really disturbing and uncomfortable cause it’s pretty much Stockholm syndrome.

There’s something about his arc and the writing that is executed so well, the way he begins to face reality and accept things, and forgive himself is something that I found to be pretty well handled and beautiful. the feeling of melancholy could be felt throughout, it’s almost spellbinding, love how there’s no good and no evil but explores the concepts and themes of human nature in a really interesting way, it’s a fantasy that is elevated by the direction and the interesting characters that actually change and grow.

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