Enola Holmes ★★★

It’s actually kinda fun, has some cute and enjoyable little moments throughout, a great supporting cast, and bobby brown is really witty and is a strong lead, the fourth wall breaks are kinda distracting tho, and the narrative feels predictable and it drags a lot, from the trailers I thought it was gonna be Homes and his brother searching for Enola together, and it switches perspectives throughput, but it wasn’t really like that at all.

I sorta liked some of the themes of 1800s female repression, it’s really strong and the messages really works, did feel some of the plotting and the over complicated mystery really brings it down, the movie has some cool action sequences though, and there’s a really neat 1800s setting throughout, loved a lot of the costumes and the dresses.

I honestly feel this movie suffers due to the lack of Helena Bonham Carter, I wish she was utilized more.😖

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